Why Device Targeted Promotions Increase Online Conversion

Mobiles used to be a technology that we used solely to contact people we know. In the next 5 years, retail research firm Verdict predicts that consumers will spend £23.1bn (Yes, billion) buying products online using their mobile and tablet devices. Mobile now presents another channel and opportunity to increase online conversion.

With numbers that high, this is something that no-one wants to miss out on. The above numbers are continuing to grow year-on-year, so let’s go over some ways you can take advantage of this technology.

People spend more money

Make sure your website is optimised for mobile. Just because your site looks nice and fancy on a desktop computer or laptop, that doesn’t usually convert well to a mobile or tablet device.

Research by Barclays Corporate shows that by 2021 UK consumers will be spending £19.3bn a year via their mobiles and tablet devices. Mobile devices mean that consumers are spending more time online.

The more time they are browsing sites, the more chance they have to buy something. You have to remember that no-longer do people have to be sitting down in their living room to access the internet.

You know those people waiting at the bus-stop with their phones out? They very may well be browsing your site wanting to buy something!

Get Social!

In a recent Facebook report, they stated that 70% of their users are using a mobile device to access Facebook. Seeing as Facebook currently has over 1 Billion users, that’s quite a lot of people using social media on their mobile device!

Next time a consumer purchases a product, why don’t you offer them a 5% discount for all future purchases if they tweet a quick message about your site or if they like your Facebook fan-page? This is a sure fire way to increase online conversion and revenue.

They’ve shown trust in your site by voting with their wallet, so they are a prime candidate for some quick/simple promotion.

This would also have the added bonus of promoting your social networks. That next tweet or Facebook message now has the potential to reach a broader audience.

Create QR promotions

Every few years we get that “next big thing” in promotional methods. The hot-topic at the moment is currently QR codes. If you don’t know what one of these are, it’s one of those barcode looking things that when viewed using an app on a mobile device redirects the user to a webpage of your choice (that purple thing at the top of this post).

Viewing that QR with a QR Mobile App will open up a live chat with one of our agents.

The public love these things at the moment. The great thing is that they can be placed anywhere. On websites, in shop windows or maybe incorporated into your products packaging design.

Place a QR code on your product packaging that redirects people to a contest entry page and grab their name/email or potentially their phone number. These are engaged customers as they’ve taken action on something and you’ve opened a gateway for future communications.

On The Go Support

Mobile devices are used for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons is quick access to any question that we may have. We’ve all sat there and thought “If I bought this product, when can I get it delivered” – right?

We then pull out our mobile phone or grab our tablet device and go hunting for answers. These people are visiting sites and search for answers. Most of the time unfortunately, this answer is not found.

Remember that especially on mobile devices users have to do a lot more scrolling and that’s if the website is even working correctly on a mobile device! We’ve all experienced that pesky website link that will not work when you click on it.

Consider adding a live chat button on your pages so that any of these “question” visitors have instant access to a real person that can help them with their query. All good live chat software is mobile device ready/friendly which is great.
Want to find out how we can provide device targeted promotions through live chat? Chat with us below.

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