Clear Information Increases Sales Conversion

26% of shoppers place items in their basket just ‘to check delivery costs’. When customers have to stumble around your site to find information they need, many of them will begin to fall out of your online sales funnel. Even if a customer feels very positive about your product, they can’t buy unless they know if you deliver to their country or are aware of your returns policy. For some, these details are crucial, perhaps you tick all of the boxes but the facts aren’t clear to them.

Providing clear information increases online conversion. Customers are more likely to purchase when they know exactly what purchasing from you means.

Clear information means customers can move through the sales funnel you have created and not bounce around your site. Providing the facts means trust is built with potential customers and more people are able to come to the decision of purchasing from you. A report carried out by LivePerson found that one of the key reasons for abandoning a basket was lack of information about product/service/delivery, 56% of respondents saying so.

Messages regarding shipping information and product specific information should be made clear from the start and be clear throughout the customer’s time on site. The same goes for special promotions aimed at increasing sales, these should also be reiterated in an unobtrusive way throughout the buying journey.

Not only should information be made clear to all site visitors but there should also be the opportunity to query the information. Even with information being clearly displayed and as transparent as you can make it, customers might still need more information. Customers might not necessarily need more information but could simply need some product and service details explaining. Consumers often seek human interaction in order to gain reassurance. Customers aren’t going to hand over their money unless they completely trust that you are going to come through for them.

Providing a range of ways for customers to contact you is a must. You don’t want customers pulling out of a purchase simply because they are unsure on your service features or trustworthiness. Human interaction allows further information dissemination and for a trusting relationship to be built.

Potential contact methods include social media, phone, email and live chat. Whichever method is chosen though, response rates need to be fast and honest. Make information as clear as possible and be as helpful as you can to your customers. Customers want to buy and have come for help to do so. Here’s your chance to immediately create a sale and create great customer satisfaction.

Customers browsing your site or contacting you for information might not necessarily be ready to buy from you; customers may just be on your site to compare you to competitors or ….. These site visitors should be given access to the same level of clear information, as although they are not ready to buy now, honest and clear information creates a positive reputation for your brand. Building this trust with potential customers means long term sales growth.

Perhaps you are unable to offer free delivery to your customers. Even if you are afraid that this will scare away potential customers, delivery costs should still be clearly displayed. Hiding this sort of information means that customers who care about it will simply abandon their purchase when they find out. Customers which don’t care will simply worry about the information being hidden in the first place and wonder what else is being kept from them.

Clear information means customers are able to easily move through your site’s sales funnel and purchase more products in the short term. Clear information also builds trust with current and potential customers in order to build relationships and increase sales in the long term.