4 Reasons Why Video Content Needs To Be Part Of Your Content Strategy

Content is becoming a bigger part of every marketers’ online strategy. With 90% of consumers finding custom content useful and 78% believing that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them, it’s clear why.

What type of content to spend your marketing budget on can be a difficult decision however. What type of content will create the most views? Which will generate the most engagement? Which is most cost effective?

One content medium which is growing in popularity is video. Video content is becoming a bigger part of many marketers’ content strategy but why is that? Here’s 4 reasons why:

Growth in video consumption

Internet users are demanding and watching more video. 37.5m unique UK users watched video online in January 2014, that’s more than half the population of the UK. Clearly, consumers enjoy watching videos online. You should be providing potential leads what they want in the form in which they want it. It’s quite clear that online users want video content, so whether we can decide exactly why this is or not, we should give it to them.

If online users had a choice between consuming information via a block of text or via a short video, they would probably choose the video; so you are more likely to be paid attention to and get your message across by using it.

Quick and easy consumption

The main reason consumers are more likely to prefer video is due to it being a quick and easy way to get the information which they need. It’s effortless, sitting back and watching rather than reading through paragraphs of text.

Consumers in general have a short attention span. If they can be encouraged to watch a short video which contains the most important information which you need to get across then they will most likely watch it to the end unlike reading to the end of a very long piece of copy.

Video content has more chance of being watched and more chance of being watched to the end, and therefore provides a better chance for you to get your important points across.

Videos stand out

All blocks of text look pretty much the same as each other. Videos and images stand out. Videos can particularly stand out in a sea of text, and if they intrigue a site visitor then they can encourage further reading and browsing of your site.

Not only do videos stand out and therefore increase information consumption but they are also more memorable. The mixture of visuals, sound and text means that they are more distinctive and the information obtained from them are more memorable. With peoples’ learning and memory working in different ways, video content allows you to hit multiple memory input methods through one medium and therefore target more users with your content budget.

Rise of mobile and tablet

The use of mobiles and tablets for browsing the web is rising, the amount that these devices are used to watch video is also rising.

Mobile and tablet video now account for more than 10 percent of all online video plays. Mobile technology has advanced so fast in recent years that it has drastically changed the way in which we use the technology. We once wouldn’t even dream of downloading a small image file over our mobile devices, but mobile users are now more than happy to stream entire films over their mobile and tablet devices. This isn’t just a case of being willing to stream video when they have to, the increase in demand for video content is multiplied by the availability of easy video streaming via mobile.

Video content opens the door to an even bigger audience, those which spend their time surfing the web in the palm of their hand. You need to take advantage of this through your content strategy.

In conclusion, video content can create a higher amount of views and information consumption than other forms of content marketing. Video content is also more likely to create engagement and a conversation with potential leads; leads have more confidence to become part of the conversation if they can get involved on a more basic level, such as a compliment on the way the video has been made, before getting into a proper discussion. For these reasons and more, video is a very important form of content marketing and should be seriously considered by all marketers.