What It Takes to be a Successful Chat Agent

For most people, working from home seems like it’s too good to be true. For others, the inability to be disciplined enough to actually work stands in the way of a successful remote employee.

But, we’re The Chat Shop.

Our team is one of the most wonderful parts of our company.

Not only are we a diverse bunch coming from all walks of life, we’re a dedicated bunch. Top notch customer service isn’t for the faint of heart.

So what skills do our agents have?

A Passion for People

Each and every one of our agents is interested in being the agent they would want to interact with.

No one likes speaking with a bot, much less a human being uninterested in their job. Our agents deliver the kind of service that stands out and keeps people coming back for more.

Personality and passion are key here; if you want to provide the best customer service, you need to be passionate about helping people. That comes easiest to people like our agents; lively, diverse, and dedicated to the task at hand.


Wearing your pajamas (or yoga pants or bathrobe) while you work certainly is a benefit of working from home. What most people don’t understand, however, is that just because you don’t have a uniform doesn’t mean you don’t have a job.

The role of a Live Chat Agent is an important one, maybe even moreso than the management teams that lead them. After all, they are the backbone of a high-functioning, customer service system.

Our agents—as cozy as they may be sitting behind their monitors—understand that their work is real work. They put in the effort to be their best, just as they would if we were all together in an office.

They understand when it’s time for virtual water-cooler banter on Slack and when it’s time to buckle down and deliver world-class customer support.

Flexibility and Team-Oriented Success

We are only as great united as we are as individuals. Our agents understand that.

While each of us may have our own goals motivating us to hit targets and reach goals, we all understand the bigger picture: teamwork makes the dream work.

This goes beyond meeting KPIs. This stretches all the way into the inner workings of our teams in areas like shift coverage, shift swapping, last minute changes to a client, and more.

Our agents don’t just say they’re flexible; they live and breathe flexibility for the sake of their individual teams and The Chat Shop as a whole. This does more than add to our ability to succeed as well. It reinforces the family-like culture of our company.

‘If you’ve got my back and I’ve got yours, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.’

There’s no doubt about it—our agents are top of the line. They know that legitimate work from home opportunities exist and are committed to the work it requires to be the best.

Think you have what it takes? Check our our live chat agent pre-requisites and submit your application.

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