Mobile SEO Tips to Get Your Business Out There

Get your business noticed with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a number of factors and nuances to get your desired results. Mobile SEO takes all those factors and adds to the equation with how your business website performs on your visitors mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. In order to get higher rankings and more customers, here are four crucial tips to get the most from your website’s mobile SEO.

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 1. Optimize Your Website’s Design for Mobile

This is one of the most obvious suggestions, but even still, in 2017 there are websites that don’t cater to mobile users, especially local business websites. According to Alexa research highlighted by Mobiforge, 80% of the top websites are mobile optimized.

Chances are if you’re using a more modern WordPress theme for your business website, it’s already somewhat mobile-ready. If that is not the case, a script can be added to your site that auto-detects and redirects users to mobile optimized content which can help in the interim.

2. Keep Important Business Details “Above the Fold”

This one tip may be the easiest overall strategy to implement that will have the most immediate results. If you have visitors coming to your website but your phone number and contact details aren’t immediately visible, it’s doing a great disservice to both you and your customers. “Above the Fold” refers to whether or not your visitors have to scroll down the web page in order to find something.

There’s no more important details to your business than where you are and how to contact you. According to a Google Mobile Movement Study, 88% of consumers who searched for a type of local business visited or called that business within 24 hours. Don’t let the way information is displayed on your website cost you sales and customers. Google as well is judging whether or not your website is user friendly to the visitors they send you in search, and they want to provide the most beneficial websites to their customers.

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 3. Use a Fast Loading CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is usually used to deliver content to users far and wide to spread out all over the world. So why would you want to use one if your business and customers are within a 100 mile radius? Your actual website isn’t typically going to be hosted anywhere near your current business, or where your customers live.

Many businesses use shared hosting, meaning that your website is on a server rack somewhere numerous states away, typically divided between East and West coasts. You want your website to load as quickly as possible to show up faster than your competitors, especially with slow mobile speeds. Speed is a very important factor when ranking your mobile website, so it’s worth the effort.

4. Use Google My Business to Your Advantage

The end goal is having your business appear first in Google and other search engines to bring in new business, right? That’s why if you can achieve the same result with less work, you should definitely do it.

Using Google My Business to have your physical location and/or phone number in Google is the quickest way to faster results. It’s very quick to take a look at which keywords you’re targeting and see which of your competitors are appearing.

A lot of the information on these former Google Local pages aren’t updated or optimized. There’s another layer of SEO to these pages, and Google tries to fill in the gaps to the best of their ability, often leaving out details. That’s why you should ensure yours is up to date and populated to get the most out of it.

With smartphones and mobile technology steadily and surely on the rise, it’s important to keep them involved in your mobile marketing strategies going forward. Mobile SEO is one way to ensure that you’re getting customers that are interested in your services right now. From there, you and your business can make them lifelong customers.

And once your mobile SEO optimization is up and running, consider mobile live chat to get your newfound visitors converting. We know that live chat on mobile can convert up to 400% more visitors who are exploring your products and services on their phones and tablets.

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