An Open Chat, With An Open Road Ahead…

open-roadYou are at a crossroads in your life and you’re wondering what to do next.

What options do you have? Is there a career that you can walk into that will really showcase what you are made of as a person? Or at the age of 28 are you destined to just hope for the best and see what happens?

These were all questions I was asking myself at the beginning of the year.

Then…The Chat Shop happened and everything changed.

Walking into a new role can be intimidating for anyone. Will I be able to do the job to the best of my abilities? Can I really push myself out of my comfort zone to learn a whole new industry? Again these were questions I was asking myself, and the simple answer is…Yes.When you really put your heart and soul into it, you can achieve anything. The added bonus is, when you have the opportunity to work not just with a diverse range of clients and customers, but a great team that pushes you to be your absolute best, you can do just about anything.

We all have our stories and mine is somewhat complicated but let’s not dwell on that. Because the fact of the matter is, complicated or not – The Chat Shop found a place for me in their growing team and I’ve never looked back since.

When The Chat Shop started back in 2012, Joe and Jonny were two young men with a vision and a lot of ambition to turn an underutilised format into a business with humanity and heart at the centre of its core beliefs. 3 years later, a lot of hard grafting and an ever changing environment, they have grown with a team of nearly 30 people joining the ranks and a business that continues to grow at lightning speed on a daily basis.

There’s many factors that could be contributed to the growing success of The Chat Shop, but at the heart of it are these two (still!) young men who are determined to keep climbing that ladder and as they do this, the team is lucky to be a part of the journey. It’s this attitude that you will see across all of our agents. Determination is key and bettering yourself to be the best you can possibly be has been instilled within all who are a part of The Chat Shop.

From those on the outside looking in and considering a career that they never thought they could see themselves in, surprise yourself. That is exactly what I did when I first took those steps to joining the team. As I mentioned earlier in the post, walking into a new role can be intimidating. But not here.

You’re joining a group of people where the key focus is pushing yourself to be your absolute best, and if you can’t get that from a job then hope can sometimes be lost. It’s a fast paced environment, with changes happening left right and centre, but that is what makes what we do unique and exciting. With the world changing at warp speed, we run alongside it keeping the trend that regardless of the stereo typed environment we are a part of that there is still one main goal in how we deliver our service, and it’s summed up in one word – Humanity.

jonny_and_joe.jpgTwo young men started this company, and the fruits of their labour are evident in how we work as a team. There couldn’t be more diversity if you tried! Although our work means that many of us are based all over the country and the world, there is never that feeling of a divide. Everyone is a part of each other’s lives as if we were all working in one big office together, and daily conversations are a must! We probably know more about each other than our friends and family do!

Whether you are an Account Manager, a Team Manager, a Team Leader or a Live Chat Agent, the goal is the same and with everyone reaching for the top that’s where the team spirit really kicks in. Everyone contributes in a way that benefits the team as a whole, it’s a clichédsaying but it really does apply here. There is no I in Team.

So whether you are looking at a new career in the Live Chat Industry, or considering The Chat Shop as a live chat outsourcer that will work alongside your business to provide a stellar service, take what I am saying as a very open insight into how our company works from a personal level.

I have been using the terms group or team throughout this entire article…but what I should have said is that you are actually going to be working alongside a very big family.

A family with a clear goal, an open road ahead and millions of people to chat to.

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