5 Killer Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

We wrote a little ditty last week on how to increase ecommerce conversions. But you’re back for more. I know it.

So you want to increase your ecommerce conversion rate. Who doesn’t?

And you’ve done it all. You’ve got the ecommerce content ideas coming out. You’re operating on the best platform, with the most agile scripts. You understand everything about conformity and compliance and are listening to INSTRKTIV’s best ideas. You’re not making a move unless it lines up with your data driven ecommerce plan. Your checkout is a frictionless breeze. And your ecommerce personalisation is flawless (or it’s not bad, at least).

But you’re still seeing that conversion rate hover around a measly 2%. Sad face. What happened to the other 98%? All that investment from your marketing team is falling flat. Those fancy scripts? The keyword research? The creatives for your ad campaigns?

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

increase conversion

But we’ve got 5 killer tips to increase ecommerce conversion rates with the Human Touch.

Have you left room in your ecommerce conversion journey for conversational commerce? According to Accenture, 73% of consumers prefer human interactions to get advice and resolve their issues. It’s what they call the digital tipping point. That’s where the Human Touch comes in.

But what can the Human Touch really do when digital engagement and ecommerce conversion are so script-driven and the disconnect between companies and consumers is so deep? An average increase in ecommerce conversion of 15x and and average ROI of 200%. All from the power of the Human Touch. Powered by people. Driven by data.

But the Human Touch isn’t something you can just throw on top of your optimised purchase page or your existing personalisation strategy. It’s something that needs to permeate your business and drive not just your ecommerce content ideas, your data driven ecommerce, and your personalisation. To use the Human Touch effectively to increase your ecommerce conversion rates, you need to incorporate it into the fabric of how you do business.

Get visitors converting through more than just mediocre personalisation; engage them with a full, human experience that puts your customer at the heart of your brand.So, how can you supercharge your e-commerce site with the Human Touch? Hack your growth for Cyber Monday (or any Monday) by getting the most out of your site’s traffic with the Human Touch.

Here are our 5 killer tips to increase ecommerce conversion. Read ‘em and weep (tears of joy we hope).

Tip 1: Identify your ecommerce conversion ‘moments of truth’

Moments of truth are the touchpoints in your relationship with a customer where you have the opportunity to engage with them and win their trust.

Back in the pre-internet stone age, your shopper’s journey was pretty simple: They saw your advert, talked to friends, maybe hopped on the phone, then went to your shop and bought. And those steps were succinct. There was no need to optimise for keywords, select the right images, or pay for the most agile hosting platform. Ecommerce wasn’t even a thing, right? Gasp. And then digital happened. And that’s been a good thing for opening up opportunities to new markets. But it’s also meant competition is narrower; your competition are sizing you up on the same topics you’re working on. Remember your content, agility, keywords, and frictionless journey? Yeah, they’re all on top of those too. So you need to evaluate ecommerce moments of truth extra carefully to make sure their

Your shopper’s journey is increasingly non-linear in the digital world. To identify moments of truth you need to adopt a people-first approach. This means mapping out your buyers’ journeys based on how and why they’re making decisions.

So, here’s your to-do list to identify your ‘moments of truth’:

  1. Draw up your customer personas to understand who you want to convert. Who are your customers? Why do they want to buy from you? What makes you different in their eyes?
  2. Identify your customer’s desire. List all the steps that your shopper has to take to fulfill that desire. What are the channels and touchpoints your customer will encounter on their journey?
  3. Identify their most important moments of truth. Where in their journey are they wowed by your brand, content, and advertising?

At every moment of truth, your customer will have a specific need. It might be to see your product in an Instagram post, it might be to understand your style guide, it might even be to try on your shoes before deciding. Give them what they want, right when they want it. They will experience their ‘moment of truth,’ and you’ll get to understand who they are, what they want, and how to build trust with your future audience.

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So, how can you supercharge your e-commerce site with the Human Touch? Hack your growth for Cyber Monday by getting the most out of your site’s traffic with these 5 killer tips to increase conversions on your website using The Human Touch.

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