Discover The Power Of A Human Touch

the_chat_shop_team_1We focuses on the people that are behind the conversations that convert website visitors, generate leads and improve customer service. We use in-depth website analysis, behavioural targeting and engagement strategies to deliver outstanding results for our clients. But the incredible people that are behind every chat are the final integral part of what makes our live chat service more than a fancy gizmo or gimmick. It’s the human touch that makes for a superior service.

When your website visitors and customers can engage with a real person on your website, they start to build a relationship with your business. That relationship can encourage prospects to become leads and encourage customers to share their positive experiences (as well as return to buy again and again).

the_chat_shop_team_2Our agents don’t just have a nice chit-chat with these website visitors, they also deliver on important KPIs. On average, we increase conversion 500% for customers who engage with chat. We generate 50% more leads from existing website traffic and we achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. Want to find out exactly what our agents could achieve for you? Use our Live Chat ROI Calculator now to discover how much you are losing from not working with us.

A well-trained live chat agent is a well-oiled sales and marketing machine, that can find out a wealth of information about your customers, understand their problems and needs, and direct them to the right solution or product. They reduce basket abandonment, increase average order value, generate qualified leads and provide positive customer service experiences.

We’re not about bells and whistles. We’re about Real People having Real Conversations. Through personal interactions, we develop relationships with customers and prospects and deliver outstanding results. If you’d like to meet some of the people delivering these amazing results then please get in touch. Meet us to discover what our team can achieve for you! If you book now we’ll also provide you with a Free Customer Needs Assessment.

The eCommerce Expo has now passed; if you’d like to get in touch with us then feel free to chat with one of our agents now. If you’d like to discover what kind of results a human touch could deliver for you, check out our free ROI calculator.

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