Personalisation: 3 Strategies To Get You Started

While Christmas mayhem may be in full swing and the focus of many eCommerce merchants, we are also approaching the end of 2015 and with a new year around the corner there are plenty of opportunities to be taken advantage of!

With the eCommerce industry projected to be worth $2.39 trillion in 2018, it has never been a more exciting time for merchants inhabiting the virtual space. But where there’s opportunity, there is also competition and to stay in the game retailers are required to constantly adapt to market demands to keep their business successful.

One demand that has come to the forefront is personalization – a trend that, due to increasing customer expectations, has gone from “nice to have” to “must have”.

Companies know more than ever about their target market, from segments down to individual level likes and dislikes, and are able to serve their customers according to those wants and needs. This is the level of service customers have been enjoying in brick and mortar stores for decades, and they now expect it online across the entire shopping experience; on-site, on mobile, ads, emails etc. In fact, recent surveys have found that 75% of consumers like it when brands personalize their messaging and offers and 31% of consumers want more personalization in their online shopping experiences. And it’s not just the customers, 94% of companies agree that personalization “is critical to current and future success”.

And how could it not be? Personalization has not only been reported to increase customer satisfaction and retention, but increase average order value by 24%, conversion by 125% and sales up to 8%. A win-win situation where by making the shopping experience easier, smoother, more personal and more enjoyable, you produce happier customers that buy more.

However, while the importance of personalization is widely known and justifiable, 51% of marketers say that they are not sure how to implement it.

So, let’s look into how you can get started with personalization to increase the likelihood of being a success.

While personalization is an integral business strategy, the usage of personalization features varies between businesses. What works for one business might not work for another.

The three basic aims of personalization however, tend to be the same:

Increasing customer acquisition


Through predictive personalized display advertising and/or predictive personalized social media advertising. Target set groups by displaying automatically updated highlights of your store’s offering, such as best-seller ads, directly in your potential customers’ newsfeeds. In fact, did you know that it’s perfectly possible to generate a 20 x ROAS on Facebook ads when they’re set up to target the right people, at the right time with personalized offers?

Predictive personalized Facebook Ads by Stuttenheim at www.stutterheim.com.

Increasing conversion


Set up automated real-time recommendations that allow customers to easily find what they are looking for, as well as suggesting items they didn’t know they needed. Alternatively, set up behavioral triggered pop-ups with time-limited offers, enticing customers to complete a purchase immediately.

Personalized recommendations on the front page of www.boomerangstore.com.

Increasing retention & loyalty


Set up dynamic newsletter personalization targeting each individual customer with the items they’ve shown most interest in. You can also set up triggered emails such as abandoned cart and ‘we miss you’, which contain curated products that either left in store or relate to the pieces they bought previously, to entice them back to shop with you. Finally, consider retargeting ad campaigns on social channels to cut through the noise with the most relevant items for each individual shopper.

‘We Miss You’ email by www.organicsurge.com.

So there we go, a brief introduction to personalization and why it could be exactly what you need to set up your store with for success!

To get a more in-depth understanding of what personalization is, the different levels of personalization that you can achieve and what they can do for your business and customers, please download the An Introduction to Personalization (Part One of the Nosto Complete Guide to Ecommerce Personalization) – eBook for free.

About the guest author

Jannica Nyman is the International Marketing Manager of Nosto. She blogs about marketing automation and personalization at blog.nosto.com.

Nosto is the fastest-growing personalization solution in the world, enabling any online retailer to deliver their customers personalized shopping experiences wherever they are. Nosto’s ease of use and speed of implementation empowers retailers to start growing their businesses, increasing conversion, average order value and customer retention. With offices in New York, London, Berlin and Helsinki, Nosto is used by over 13,000 retailers across the globe.