Live Chat With Google Analytics Integration

We use a whole host of integrations to make live chat perform at its best for our clients’ websites. One of the integrations which I introduced last week was live chat with Dropbox. Live chat with Dropbox allows us to do a few things which improve the performance of live chat.

Dropbox can allow us to share complicated technical documents with customers and point them to the right section once we have determined the extent of their problem. It also allows us to easily share in-depth brochures in order to increase both lead generation and conversion. Best of all, all of these documents can be shared via a simple link in the live chat window. This week I shall explain another integration which we use (one which we use with all of our clients), live chat with Google Analytics.

Tracking performance

One of the key aspects of live chat with Google Analytics, which our clients’ marketing departments love, is the ability to track the performance of live chat and their website.

Google Analytics gives us the opportunity to show off exactly what people that are chatting to us do on site. Are the people that are chatting staying on site for longer? Are they viewing more pages? Are they converting more than those that don’t chat? The answer to all of these are generally “YES”. Because live chat engages visitors, meaning lower bounce rates and more time spent browsing your site and reading your content. Live chat also means that you can solve customer problems and provide highly tailored recommendations, meaning a higher conversion rate.

Not only does Google Analytics allow us to show off some of our amazing work but it also allows our clients to improve the performance of their websites. If a lot of people are using click to chat then it might suggest to us and our client that people are having trouble finding the right information on their website. They might need to look at improving the design and user experience of their website.

There are a tonne of different proactive greetings which we can set up on clients’ websites; proactive greetings can provide a lot of information too. If we have a proactive greeting set up for when people are about to abandon and this is triggered often, there is clearly some work needed on our client’s checkout process. Check out our post on the reasons for basket abandonment if abandonment is an issue on your website.

Live chat with Google Analytics provides us with a wealth of information which we can use to help our clients improve their online performance. Helping our clients improve their website and online performance is one of the key elements of our Managed Chat service. We don’t just stick live chat on and only give that our undivided attention. We like to suggest website edits to our clients’ so that their online performance as a whole improves.

Making live chat perform even better

A very important feature of integrating live chat with Google Analytics is being able to see how we can improve our managed chat services. We don’t just look at Google Analytics data to measure how well things are going but also to see what else we can do to better the performance of live chat.

Are there still pages where people seem to be getting lost and bouncing off? If our clients’ customers are spending small amounts of time on some of their most in-depth pages then perhaps the information on them isn’t clear. A proactive chat invite targeted around the average time on that page can encourage lost customers to get help through live chat. This means that we can use live chat to generate even more leads, provide more great customer service or increase conversion even further.

Are we trying to initiate live chat conversations too early into a users time on site? Through the live chat with Google Analytics integration we’re able to see how effective our proactive invites are at getting a visitor to chat. If not many people are chatting to us after receiving an invite to chat then perhaps we’re trying to engage them too early or on a particular part of the site where they just don’t want to chat.

So that’s how we use live chat with Google Analytics integration to get more out of click to chat technology. Stay tuned for more posts around the many live chat integrations we use coming soon. In the mean time, if you’d like to hear more about our services, feel free to start a chat with one of our live chat agents.