Live Chat With Dropbox Integration

Our live chat outsourcing provides far more than just a basic question and answer service. We use live chat to talk customers through technical issues, recommend the best product for them to buy and explain our clients’ services in-depth.

This blog post explains one of the many integrations we can use with live chat in order to make it perform even better. And introduces you to one of our in-house methodologies which makes our live chat agents get more out of each and every live chat conversation.

Explore Identify Match

One element which sets our live chat outsourcing apart is our in-house Explore Identify Match methodology. Our EIM methodology allows us to steer conversations to a set goal without our UK based agents having to use restrictive or robotic scripts. The methodology allows us to direct online visitors to all manner of client goals whilst giving the visitor what they need. We solve technical issues, recommend products which clients want selling and which customers will actually want to buy and qualify leads to our clients’ guidelines. Read more about our Explore Identify Match methodology here.

Another element which sets us apart is the plethora of integrations which we use with live chat. One of those integrations which I’d like to tell you about today is Dropbox.

Live Chat With Dropbox

It’s easy for us to integrate Dropbox with live chat for any of our clients…it takes no effort from them. Once we have links to the Dropbox files that we need, we can start using Dropbox to enhance the user experience and achieve more with live chat.

So what exactly are the benefits of using Dropbox in live chat? Well here’s a couple of examples to help you contextualise the idea.

Using Dropbox to improve customer service

Let’s imagine a computer company selling online and also offering after-sales support. We could of course offer basic technical support through live chat…but computer issues can often get complicated and the solutions can consist of many steps.

Especially for those that are technophobes, a detailed guide which can be referred back to at any time can be more useful than a quick chat. Whilst a customer can have their chat transcript emailed to them for reading over and over again, a technical guide can offer diagrams and photos to assist the customer better. Dropbox allows us to provide this document in a live chat, simply through a link.

The customer might not get a problem resolution in a matter of minutes but that’s because it’s a much more complicated issue, which takes time and detailed instructions. They do however get a great experience and a solution.

Read more about Customer Service with Live Chat here.

Using Dropbox for lead generation

Using Dropbox for lead generation is a process we are very familiar with. One industry which the Dropbox integration is particularly useful for is the estate agent and property industry.

Estate agents with hundreds of listings and accompanying floor plans might not want to upload all of these to their website, at the risk of slowing their site down. Using Dropbox to share floor plans and other property details means that we are able to qualify the interest of leads whilst providing the information they need to make a decision. The prospect gets what they need whilst we can inform the client on leads which are truly interested in particular properties and what locations they are browsing.

Using Dropbox to increase sales

Let’s refer back to the computer company making sales online again. They’d no doubt be selling a large range of products with various features and specifications. Sometimes all of this information is too much to explain in detail on a website or in a live chat conversation.

Dropbox allows us to provide documentation with in-depth analysis and reviews for the full range of products on offer. Documents might be segregated into different comparable product ranges so that customers can make a better, informed decision when it comes to purchasing. The documents combined with advice in the live chat conversation means that customers can be moved to a sale. They aren’t buying the first product they come across though, they find one which is perfect for their needs so that they leave satisfied.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more explanations, coming soon, of other great integrations that we use. If you’d be interested in taking advantage of our expert UK based live chat agents and live chat integrations, why not check out our live chat outsourcing services?

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