Free Download: Live Chat Best Practice Checklist

If you are already running live chat in-house or are considering doing so, this checklist is for you. Live chat can provide more than simply 9-5 customer support from your website. It also has the potential to increase lead generation and sales conversion from your site and provide exceptional customer service when you aren’t in the office.

An incredible 93% of consumers see real-time help being beneficial during their online customer journey, whether it’s before, during or after their purchase process.

It takes a combination of well trained staff, the right resources and a well thought out strategy to achieve the full potential of live chat.

We’ve compiled this checklist to help you decide if you are already prepared for achieving the full potential of live chat or if you will need some assistance.

Download our Free Live Chat Best Practice Checklist.

Want to read a little more before getting in touch with us? No problem, feel free to download our Free Live Chat Best Practice Guide too.