Infographic: Holiday Sales, The Numbers

With the holiday period upon us, one of the busiest times in retail is about to start. From Thanksgiving to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then the Christmas shopping period, retailers have got a crazy time ahead of them.

The holiday sales infographic shows how ecommerce sales have been growing each year with particular spikes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are the days following American thanksgiving and represent a huge surge in online sales in particular, in both the UK and US. With the world changing and the web going mobile more and more people will shop from mobile devices in an increasing number of locations. No longer do people have to visit retail stores or even have to use their desktop machines.

Enjoy Americommerce’s holiday sales infographic, please let us know what you think and share with your friends.

 Holiday Sales - Infographic

Holiday Sales – Infographic [Infographic] by the team at AmeriCommerce

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