Infographic: The Future Of eCommerce

The landscape of eCommerce is constantly changing. In 2015 we are seeing customers put more emphasis on the need for a greater quality customer experience; customers want quick and friendly customer support more than ever. The technology used in eCommerce is also shifting; telephone support is losing popularity amongst consumers and order fulfilment shall soon see the introduction of commercial drones from the likes of Google and Amazon.

Whilst technology continues to grow across the market, there are still opportunities for companies to increase conversion, generate more leads and improve customer service by adding a human touch to their operations. Communicating with a human customer service agent can bridge the gap between the online and offline world for the customer, reduce online shopping distress and encourage more customers to convert.

The Future of eCommerce infographic maps out some of the pressures and developments for eCommerce in 2015 and the coming years.

future of ecommerce infographic

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