Infographic: Christmas Customer Service

Christmas might garner a yay or nay from you, but as an eCommerce business, you need to be prepared for the holiday season. You might not have even started thinking about what presents you are going to buy yet; hopefully you have thought about what your customers will want to buy from you.

As a business, you must start planning early for the holiday season. Your customers will demand a lot from you in the next couple of months. Ecommerce stores in particular must brace for the huge spike in demand for their services.

Ecommerce sales in 2014 grew 74% from 2013. Even on Christmas day, Britons spend millions online. As the amount of consumers that shop online grows, the pressure to perform is firmly set on eCommerce companies and their customer service representatives.


With huge surges in traffic, eCommerce stores have to be prepared server side. Currys couldn’t handle the large influx of customers last Black Friday for example, leaving customers angry at the fact that they were missing out on the best deals. Mobile website experiences must also be optimised as 30% of shoppers will abandon those that aren’t.

Customer happiness is just as crucial around Christmas time as it is any other time of year. Perhaps providing a positive customer experience is even more important as consumers scramble for the perfect present to make a lasting memory for loved ones.

Our Christmas Customer Service 2015 Infographic looks at a few more areas where it is important for eCommerce stores to perform and deliver an outstanding customer experience this holiday season.

Christmas Customer Service 2015 Infographic

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