The Basics: Why Online Live Help Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Consumers love live chat. Stats from eDigital Customer Service Benchmark which look at various customer service channels indicate web chat has the highest satisfaction rating. 73% of those who had used live chat stated they were highly satisfied with their experience. In comparison, phone and SMS had satisfaction rates of 44% and 41% respectively. So why does live chat generate such high satisfaction rates in contrast to many traditional channels?

The eDigital study also revealed some answers to this question. 51% of respondents indicated that the ability to multi-task was their reason for choosing web chat as their favourite customer service channel. Other reasons for online live help’s first place position included: being able to control the conversation, the ability to chat at work, receiving better information than via email and the fact that it is more comfortable than speaking on the phone.

In such a competitive online market, the importance of valuing your customers and making their online experience a positive one is a crucial element in your success. If someone can’t find what he or she is looking for within a few minutes of being on your site, they are more than likely to leave. And if a customer has a question that can’t be answered in a quick and easy manner, then they are also likely to not do business with you for long.

Customer service in digital channels is important to UK consumers. UK consumers unimpressed by brands’ customer service in digital channels switch brands, with 53% of them switching in at least one industry.

Online live help boosts customer satisfaction because it gives the customer what they want. Help when they need it the most, on your website, whilst buying your products. This is where consumers are usually faced with questions that they need answering and is their first point of call when something goes wrong with a product that they have already bought.

Live chat can mean a customer service conversation which a customer can control. They don’t feel pressured into making a decision in a hurry yet they can get all of the information that they need and can refer back to it at any time. As the survey results show, consumers also like the fact that they can use online live help whilst performing other tasks; live chat is an efficient communication method in many ways. With telephone customer service it is often difficult to stay on a long call whilst at work; live chat problems are often solved quicker than through telephone support due to no being put on hold, so a customer service query can be completed as the consumer works.