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Live Chat Customisation Helps Achieve Goals

June 10, 2021
June 10, 2021

Live chat can improve your online performance in many ways. From reducing basket abandonment to generating and qualifying sales leads, on to increasing average order value and providing real-time support; the possibilities are almost endless. Live chat is most effective at achieving your goals when it is customised to your needs. Live chat customisation means making live chat suit your needs visually and making live chat suit the conversations and goals which you want.

In this post we’ll explain why live chat customisation helps achieve your live chat goals. And we’ll give you some tips on what customisation options are available to you.


41% of consumers say that they are more likely to trust a brand simply if live chat is available. But a live chat tab or window which looks like it doesn’t belong on your site is simply off-putting, it could look like a harmful pop-up. Consumers are becoming increasingly worried about online security. 60% of people say they are more concerned about security now than they were a year ago.

Branding your chat window not only gains consumer trust but is a chance to reinforce your company brand and message. And when they have a great customer experience through your live chat, they’ll probably remember you better.

Different live chat software offers different customising options. The minimum you should be looking to achieve is a chat window with your company colours and logo. But, the sky is the limit, we’ve created chat windows in an array of colours, sizes and styles. We offer implementation services which fully customise live chat windows to our clients’ needs, including on brand eye-catchers.

Social media

If you aren’t pushing all of your sales efforts through your site or you have a big emphasis on driving social media, customising your chat window with social media widgets means that customers can easily follow you, like you etc. Implementing these widgets can also mean that sales through stores located on platforms such as Facebook can be increased. Or customer service across multiple channels can be optimised.

There’s also the possibility of including additional contact information. Perhaps for different sectors of your business, in case the customer doesn’t want to use live chat. Then again, who wouldn’t want to use live chat?!

Live chat customisation allows you to add additional links and information to your chat window, which can greatly improve customer satisfaction. Your customer can decide which channel they want to use to interact with you.

Personalise conversations

Connecting with your customers personally is important. One of the great advantages of live chat is that you can connect with customers on a personal level. Live chat is less formal than channels such as email and phone.

So where does live chat customisation come into this? The way you talk to customers should suit your brand messaging. Fun and friendly brand? Fun and friendly chat – throw in the occasional smiley. Serious professional firm? Keep it formal and use full sentences. Great live chat agents can adapt to all styles.

Chat can use any tone which is best for your business. Conversations should also be personalised based on what you want them to achieve. We use our EIM methodology to guide customers to our clients’ goals. We use conversations to increase sales, generate leads and calm down disgruntled customers through outstanding customer service.

Custom greetings

LiveChat’s Chat Greetings Efficiency Report gives a detailed look into chat greetings and factors affecting them. And surprise, surprise…customisation of live chat greetings increases engagement levels and conversions.

LiveChat analysed 32 million greetings from 810 businesses over a 6 month period and found that customisation of greetings generated much higher conversion rates.

Greetings are when you proactively invite a visitor to chat based on their on site behaviour. Customising greetings converts because it can show a customer that your agent can help them with whatever situation they are currently in and allows personalised messaging. Here’s some examples of how you can personalise your greetings:

Geolocation – Operating across countries? Why not customise your greetings to have a local ‘hello’ based on the country your customer is accessing the site from? Or start with a promotion based on country or region of a country?

Return visitors – Give returning visitors a warm welcome, offer them a friendly ‘thanks for coming back’ discount or offer them some help on something they might not have found last time they visited.

Visited URLs – If a customer is toing and froing between products, perhaps they need some help in deciding. You can offer such help via an automated greeting which is already personalised to such a situation.

Custom variable – Greetings can be customised to pretty much any circumstance. Lingering when completing a form. Unsuccessful payment processing. Incorrect log-in details. You name it and it can probably be done. The fancier you get, the more difficult they are to set up though. Seeking help is advised.

Are you looking to get the most out of live chat by customising your software and strategy. We can help you through a number of live chat consulting options.

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